Victoria Oaks Ranch
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South Texas Whitetail Deer & Exotic Hunting Ranch
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Victoria Oaks Ranch is located in the beautiful Texas Hill country, 14 miles outside of the city limits of San Antonio, 2.5 miles south of picturesque Medina Lake and only 35 minutes from San Antonio International Airport.


One of the very few quality deer hunting ranches where it is possible to hunt trophy White Tail Deer during the day and party on the San Antonio River walk after dark. Or just enjoy a comfortable evening sitting around a campfire at one of our hunting ranch overnight facilities. 

All guests’ needs and desires are personally tended to by a member of the ranch ownership family. 


We offer South Texas trophy White Tail deer hunts as well as exotic wild stock such as Black Buck Antelope, Scimitar Horned Oryx or Fallow Deer. 


1.     There is no need to attempt to describe the most elusive, most prized hunting challenge of all, South Texas White Tail deer.  Texas White Tail deer are tough and the really good bucks are hard to find.  But we have them and usually know where to find them.

2.     Black Buck Antelope are native to India and are considered to be one of the top trophy mounts.  Black Buck grow to have unusual colorings, and can run at a speed that tends to blur the colors.  They are a fun hunt since they are herd animals and if you can find a herd you can usually choose your trophy buck.  They may be hunted at any time of the year since they do not shed their horns.


3.     Scimitar Horned Oryx are a desert antelope native to Northern Africa.  They are believed to be extinct in their native habitat, but have been successfully bred on game ranches and game preserves across the U.S.   They are one of the most popular trophies in the mid-size antelope category (300-400 lbs) with their exceptionally long horns having a shape similar to that of the Bedouin Scimitar battle sword.  They make a fantastic trophy and the meat is superb.  Scimitar Oryx may be hunted any time of the year since they do not shed their horns.



4.     Fallow Deer are native to Europe, in particular the U.K.  There is no more regal exotic deer than the Fallow with its large “palmated” antlers and muscular body.  It is known to exist in seven different color patterns,  including fallow (spotted),white, brown and black.   Fallow deer are not an indigenous animal to the state of Texas so there is no specific season; however, they do shed their antlers in the spring and begin a rapid re-growth.


                                                               Hunting Texas White Tail Deer

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