Victoria Oaks Ranch
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Our objective is to make your experience at Victoria Oaks Ranch as much fun as possible with safety being the highest priority. We can do blind hunting in one of our large comfortable blinds or we offer safari style hunts at certain times of the year when we feel it is a reasonable tactic in helping you find your trophy. Any antelope is a good safari style hunt because of their herd nature. Occasionally we will offer horse back hunts if we feel it is right. Whatever style you choose the idea is to have fun and
make it a memorable experience with a trophy mount to back up the story. 

We can assist you in any way you need in the processing and mounting of your trophy. It is our intention to conduct a very limited number of hunts per year so we have the time to personally attend to each hunter’s needs. Our goal is 100% hunter/client satisfaction. When you first come on to the ranch you will be asked to read and sign a hunter’s safety code of conduct and fire arms safety regulation agreement which is to protect you, me, and your fellow hunters. After that, it’s easy fun.
Our true passion is dedicated to the selective breeding of the highest quality white tail deer possible. We know that the secret of success in being able to offer consistent quality white tail hunts must begin with a wild life management plan which includes:

Genetics- to know what results to expect.
Nutrition – you feed the best, you get the best.
Maturity – harvest selectively
Numbers- maximize the potential of your natural habitat.
Luck – never underestimate the importance of a little good luck. 

We are constantly grooming our wildlife habitat to advance these basic principles and help promote a little good luck.

We are currently accepting reservations for  hunts. Since hunts will be limited, we recommend that you book early.
 Call 210-260-4116 or                                      Email
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